Friday, September 17, 2010

Coin and Banknote Shopping Arcade in Seoul, Korea

For many Korean coin and banknote collectors, one place where they never want to miss out is the Heohyeon underground. This is a place where your can find more than 15 outlets store of stamp, banknote and coin stores gather together at an underground shopping mall.

Located just 5 to 10 minutes of walking distance away from Myeong-dong, a famous shopping place in Seoul, is one of the definite itinerary for many visitor in Seoul. I was managed to pay the place a visit during my recent tour to Seoul.

At Heohyeon underground arcade, you can find just about every stamp, banknote and coin ever issued in Korea. Prices are ranging from few hundred won to few million won. Most of the outlets here are run by experts with enthusiasm in collecting. Besides Korean coin and banknote, you can also find few outlets that offer world currency collection.

I was excited when visiting the place but it was not a fortunate day for me where many stores were closed during my visit day due to festival season. Nevertheless, I still manage to bag some items with reasonable prices.

Coin, banknote and stamps outlet store located at Heohyeon.

Another coin and banknote store located at Heohyeon underground.

Location map of Heohyeon underground where most stamp, coin and banknote stores are located.

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