Saturday, August 21, 2010

Korean Coins And Banknotes Catalogue 2011

I bought this Korean Coins and Banknotes Catalogue 2011 during my recent to visit to Korea. This catalogue was published in July 2010 and edited by Korean Coins and Banknotes Dealer Association. The guide book consists of more than 305 pages with color images of Korean coins and banknotes.

The book is mainly written in Korean language with a simple explanation in English. It has six sections that cover the origin and progress of Korean currency.

Section I - Explanation of words about brass coins.

Section II - Origin and progress of money. It covers the money of ancient and three country period, money of Goryeo period and money of Chosun dynasty.

Section III - Coins in the end of Chosun Era and the Former Korea.

Section IV - The current coins and the commemorative coins.

Section V - Personal checks, bonds and coupons.

Section VI -Banknotes. It covers from the Japan National Banknotes (during Japanese occupation), The establishing of Bank of Korea and its banknotes, and the current Korea banknote.

Korean Coins and Banknotes Catalogue 2011

Content of Korean Coins and Banknotes Catalogue 2011, showing the banknotes and they current market price.

Coin section on Korean Coins and Banknotes Catalogue 2011.

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