Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bank of Korea Issues 50000 Won Note

The Bank of Korea issued its new denomination note 50,000 Won on 23 June 2009. It is the highest-denomination note issued since the 10,000 Won was issued in 1973. It is also the first Korean banknote to carry the portrait of women in this male-dominated society. The appearance of a women portrait in Korean banknote has shown the government determination to improve the women status and gender equality in Korean society.

The obverse of the note features the portrait of Sin saimdang (1504~1551). One of the prominent female artist of Joseon Dynasty. She produced many valuable pieces of poems, works of calligraphy and paintings.

The reverse of the note features two outstanding paintings produced in mid of Jeseon Dymasty namely Wolmaedo and Poongjukdo. Wolmaedo is a painting of a Mumetree by Eo Mongryong and Poongjukdo is a painting of Bamboos by Lee Jeong.

This 50,000 Won banknote has a special edition that comes with a special folder and certificate. I managed to grab one of them during my recent visit to Korea.

The photo of 50,000 won banknote (serial no. AA 0014328 A) issued by Bank of Korea on 23 June 2009. The note is quipped with anti-scan technology.

The cover of special edition of Korean 50,000 Won banknote issued in June 2009.

The content of the folder explains the security feature of the 50,000 Won banknote in Korean language.

Each special edition note comes with a certificate that has the same serial number as printed in the note. Noted that the serial number i.e. 14328 printed in this certificate is the same as shown in banknote photo above.

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