Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vietnam - 1985 Series

This is a complete set of 1985 series of Vietnam banknotes. They are 10 denominations namely from the lowest 5 Hao, 1 Dong, 2 Dong, 5 Dong, 10 Dong, 20 Dong, 30 D0ng, 50 Dong, 100 Dong and 500 Dong. One of the interesting denomination for this series is the introduction of 30 Dong which is inherited from its earlier series.

The front note of the lower denominations from 5 Hao to 10 Dong features the Flag Tower of Hanoi that appears to be one of symbols of Hanoi city. The higher denomination notes, from 20 Dong onwards, use the portrait of Ho Chi Minh as their front features. The back of these note features the various scenery of Vietnam such as Ha Long Bay and also agricultural as well as industrial background.

5 Hao

1 Dong

2 Dong

5 Dong

10 Dong

20 Dong

30 Dong

50 Dong

100 Dong

500 Dong

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