Wednesday, July 1, 2009

French Indochina 1954 (1 piastre) - Cambodia, Loas and Vietnam

The Institute of Issuance of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam (Institut D'Emission Des Etats Du Cambodge, Du Laos Et Du Vietnam) issued its own French Indochina banknote after French came back to Indochina in 1951. The institute was suppose to replace the role of Bank of Indochina (Banque de l'Indochina) to issuance the currency in these three nations. However, Bank of Indochina continued to issue Indochina currency until the Institute of Issuance was capable to produce the required amount for Indochina.

This series of 1 Piastre Indochina banknote was issued in 1954. One of the features of these notes is that they were issued by the same institute with the same design on the obverse of the notes. However, the reverse of the notes feature the local building that represent the symbol of each nation. There were three languages (Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese) printed on the reverse of the notes. The main nation language for each nation currency was printed in the top middle of the note, whereas other languages were printed on the bottom left and right of the note.

Cambodia - 1 Piastre

Laos - 1 Piastre

Vietnam - 1 Piastre

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