Friday, June 5, 2009

Vietnam Banknote - Reunification Palace

It is quite normal that the King's portrait was used as the front feature of a country banknote. Prior to the reunification of South and North Vietnam in 1975, both regions have issued their own circulation notes. Interestingly, the South Vietnam was adopting the Independence Palace or the White House of South Vietnam as one of its banknote features. After the reunification of both South and North Vietnam, the Independence Palace was renamed as Reunification Palace.

The Reunification Palace was depicted in the front of the banknote issued by South Vietnam in 1972

An overview of Reunification Palace at Ho Chi Minh City

A grand view from the Reunification Palace

During my recent trip to Ho Chi Minh city, I was able to pay a visit this historical building - Reunification Place. This palace was once the home and workplace of President of South Vietnam and was also the administration center of South Vietnam before the fall of Saigon city to North Vietnam in 30 April 1975. This palace was reconstructed in 1962 after the Norodom Palace (previous French Governor's Palace during the French colonial) was bombed and severely destroyed by the North army. It was completed and inaugurated in 1966 and since then has became the official presidential palace of the South Vietnam.

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