Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cambodia - People's of Republic Kampuchea Series (1987)

Inherited from its 1979 series, the People's of Republic Kampuchea has reissued two additional notes in 1987 in the denominations of 5 Riels and 10 Riels. These notes adopted the exact same design from its previous issuance note, but using the different color design. The brown color 5 Riels note printed in 1979 has changed its color to red in its 1987 issuance. Similarly, the 10 Riels note was printed in green color for its latest 1987 issuance.

Unlike the previous Cambodian banknotes which were issued under the Kingdom of Cambodia or Khmer Republic, there was not signatures printed on the note under the People's Republic Kampuchea series. However, year of issuance has started printing on the note.

The issuance year of the banknote was printed in the bottom middle of the note.

5 Riels

10 Riels

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