Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cambodia - People's of Republic Kampuchea Series (1979)

This is a series of Cambodian banknote under the regime of People's of Republic Kampuchea (PRK). The People's of Republic Kampuchea was established in 1979 after the overthrow of Democratic Kampuchea. Cambodia was ruled under this communist state from 1979 to 1993 under the first leadership of Heng Samrin.

This was a complete series of Cambodia banknote that represented a communist state back then. The design of this series of note was very similar to other earlier communist state banknotes i.e. Vietnam, Republic of North Korea and Republic of China which was people oriented base design.

This series of banknote was issued in 1979. It consists of eight denominations namely 0.1 Riel, 02 Riel, 0.5 Riel, 1 Riel, 5 Riels, 10Riels, 20 Riels and 50 Riels. The obverse of the note features a PRK party symbol. The reverse of the note depicts various important agricultural activities in the state.

0.1 Riel

0.2 Riel

0.5 Riel

1 Riel

5 Riels

10 Riels

20 Riels

50 Riels

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