Friday, February 27, 2009

Singapore - 3rd Series Commemorative Note

One of the special features of Singapore commemorative note is the overprinted scripts or logo on its circulation notes. I have discussed it earlier for the $50 Commemorative Polymer Note which has the overprinted date on its commemorative note. This is another commemorative note of $2 denomination of the 3rd Series (Ship Series). This $2 note was issued by Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore in 1992 as part of the denominations of the 3rd Series.

The normal circulating note of $2 issued in 1992

Commemorative note of $2 of the overprinted with additional Singapore Currency Board logo

The below is the $2 Commemorative note issued in 1994 with the additional Singapore Currency Board logo. There is another commemorative note (which is not shown above) was overprinted with the wording of "25th Years of Currency Issue 1967 - 1992 Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore - 12th June 1992" at the middle right of the note. This commemorative note was issued with limited to 5,000 pieces and have been favorite to many collectors.

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