Saturday, January 10, 2009

Singapore $10,000 - The Highest Value Banknote

Singapore is one of the two Southeast Asia countries (besides Brunei) that issued the highest value banknote in the world. The highest value means its absolute value which is approximately US$6800 but not its denomination value. In term of the highest denomination value, recently the the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has issued a new 10 billion dollar note (worth only US$20) on 19 December 2008, one of the hyperinflation countries in the world.

The first $10,000 banknote of Orchid series issued by Monetary Authority of Singapore

Singapore first introduced its $10,000 banknote as the highest denomination of its Orchid series which was issued on 29 January 1973. The note has a dimension of 203 x 133 mm. It is one of the highest value currency in Asia. On its subsequent banknotes, the second (Bird) and third (Ship) series, this $10,000 banknote was continued to be introduced in 1980 and 1989.

The fourth series of $10,000 banknote was introduced on 9 September 1999. It was designed in gold color with the front features the portrait of Yusof Bin Ishak. The back features the future direction of Singapore economy, one of which is knowledge-based and technology-driven.

The forth series of Singapore banknote with the face value of $10,000 printed in gold color

We are now in the new era of technology, I sometimes wonder the effectiveness of the such high value note circulating in the market. Does anyone really use it to pay bills in exclusive shopping mall? The answer might not be favorable since we are all surrounded with the easiness of cheques, credit cards and online banking. Perhaps, it intended to give businessman an alternation to hold the real money instead of playing with only figures.


tadsoft said...

No this is not used because no shop will have change for it. It is used for example when closing your bank account and transferring money to a new account.

Peanut said...

I am allowed to come and go from Changi Airport with 30000 Singapore Dollars, without fuss. with 3 bank notes folded neatly away in my small card wallet, the thieves and muggers have no idea that the man in shabby shorts ia a multi-millionaire.

ramadhan said...

i have one bundle of 10000 of sing dol yuauf bin ishak series. i wonder if anybody could help me to cash.

malaikat_alien said...


jgavina92 said...

Singapore should discontinue this denomination. A person could buy a bunch of those and smuggle them into the country. All it takes is 1,000 of those taped to someone's body and a successful walk past airport security to smuggle 6.8 million dollars. 100=$680,000. Also, this denomination attracts counterfeiters. Someone could counterfeit this denomination multiple times and sell them for US currency.

Gabriel Leung said...

Seriously, what the hell?? A 10,000SGD (7000USD) bank note?? I can't fathom any practical uses for such a note, at least not in a world where wire transfers and credit cards are the norm.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, the swiss franc also have high denomination, 1000.-, roughly 1000 US$ in value.

It is very widely used. I must say it is also very widely accepted and crime is low - so my parents used to take 1000.- home and spend it in the supermarket (here are you 920.- change!) to have cash during the month.

Nowadays still many people pay cash...

Cold_hard_Cash said...

On the contrary, it is quite common to see the $10k note used by the rich at luxury retailers and gamblers at casinos in Singapore. For some reason, many private individuals don't like credit cards, so they carry the S$1,000 and $10k note.

You will definitely be extra careful of course, but it feels just great having it in your wallet!

Kemala Atmojo said...

Can we cash it now? Or just circulate between collectors?

Anonymous said...

it's used for laundering money

Anonymous said...

to ramadhan & malaikat alien : are you sure you have the genuine singapore $10,000 notes? i assume that the bundle that you have is valued at S$1,000,000 of the orchid series, come along with "certificate of authenticity" bearing the notes serial numbers in sequence etc. Now look at the water marks featuring a lion head and the descriptions on the certificate of authenticity. if the the water marks are blurred or smudged and the note series does not match the certificate description i.e. bundle of notes is of orchid series but certificate description mentioned economic series, i am sorry to say they are FAKES.

tin said...


Rajendra said...

I would offer 10 x $1000 cash for those who have the first series of $10000

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: wat if a $10000 note orchid beliw theres a written in red RE-PRODUCTION. Is it value?

Anonymous said...

Is common in singapore a toyota 1.5cc will cost you S$100000. there is over 900000 register vehicle in a tiny island 45-50km apart........

Anonymous said...

You can try to bring your 10000 sing dollar to Faith Indonesia, you can email to, this company have many cooperation with more then 9 country regulation and may be they can solve your problem.

Anonymous said...

what if i hav a $10000 note but cant b taken out cause there i a thick hard type of rectangular plastc around curious,is dhat reall noe??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Call me at 81589577 should u need some assistance.If there is a red Reproduction than it cannot be use. Aminurasyid

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Those bills are useful for many thing including vehicle purchases and real estate.

all these guys attacking large bills work for visa, mastercard and all the other corrupt banks that caused the global economic situation we are all living in!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have interest on the 10k Orchid / Bird series, email me at.

Anonymous said...

Hari ini sedih denger kelugan beberapa spg masalah gaji desember baru akan dibayar januari tahun depan karena mereka ga bisa tahun baruan tanpa gaji. Ironis
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Anonymous said...

Scan the sgd 10k bills and send to my email i will tell u if itsfake or real money
Actually very si plelooking atthe ribbon on the lion head, the writing shouldbe "majulah singapura " other wise if ots "aranda....." then its fake

Anonymous said...

we usually can't get it when we try to redraw money from bank, for example I just redraw SGD 46000 from DBS account, so I have to take 46 pieces of SGD 1000 note and hand over to Standard Chartered Bank.

Anonymous said...

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rizalnche said...

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SHOMM said...

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SHOMM said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, not many banks have these notes on hand, so it is very hard to even get hold of them.

Gabrielle said...

I have good condition Bird series SGD 10 000 banknote.

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Anonymous said...

i have a 10k SGD orchid series if anyone interested please send me a msg in my facebook account 'leonie sabas', i'm from philippines....tnx.

Mia Kelly said...

Those who wants to change the older version of the SD10,000 pls contact me at

Anonymous said...

75 for one dollar or for 10000 note because 10000 means 750000

Anonymous said...

I have 100XS$10K orchid series and want to change it to US$.Its available in Philippines.Only serious ppl need contact thru email giving details.

Dana Asset INDONESIA said...

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- It has 2 security threads
- In thread has "KING SINGAPORE" text
- The red box seal was shine in ultraviolet
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Anonymous said...

How to identify the original S$10000 yusuf bin ishak series?

Jojo Ants said...

i have one 10k orchid series for whatsapp..+60169174748

Djamal said...


Tyson Chen said...

2000$? U think we all stupid ah????!!!!
Your note sure counterfeit/fake.

DannyKhoo Khoo said...

Those who wan to cash in your SGD 10K NOTE please email me at we could discuss about it.

Anonymous said...

Ironis, if i have one single bank note of 10,000 SGD, it can cover my live expences in 1 year, so ironis

Ranhy Rusdi said...


memoriiesofyou said...

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Anonymous said...

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Matrix said...

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Anonymous said...

If anyone has a high resolution scan of $10000 let me know. I willing to pay.

Ian Koh said...

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Mohammed Lukman Omar said...


U still have the 10K orchid


Mohammed Lukman Omar said...

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Nayana Hettiarachchi said...

Federal Reserve has a 100,000 dollar note, relax

anton kurniawan said...

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anton kurniawan said...

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Lim Yong Jun said...

I am looking to buy singapore orchid series $10 000. Please contact if anyone selling

Anonymous said...

What will happen if I try to bank in 10000 note and found its a counterfeit one? while I also a victim for sure.

anton kurniawan said...

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anton kurniawan said...

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Adan Sanchiro said...

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Reproduction Note.
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khor wei chuen said...

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Anonymous said...

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William Namdar said...

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Akarim AK said...

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Anonymous said...

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Yati Elfiana said...

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syahtra decolate said...

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syahtra decolate said...

i have much more than bundle of 10000 of sing dol yusuf bin ishak series. If i get the best price i would to cash.

syahtra decolate said...

i have much more than bundle of 10000 of sing dol yusuf bin ishak series. If i get the best price i would to cash.

Unknown said...

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Dana Asset INDONESIA said...
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Dana Asset INDONESIA said...

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Unknown said...

Is the note in good condition? How much r u looking to cash it?

Anonymous said...

Singapore banknote is not the highest value by a long way. There are still about 300 US $10,000 dollar bills in circulation and are legal tender (if in pristine condition they are worth ten times that figure).
The daddy of banknotes that I know of are the British GBP £1million note and the GBP £100 million pound note.
The £100m banknote is generally held by the Scottish banks in order to back-up banknotes that are issued in Scotland.

Nugroho Saroso said...

I have 100pcs 10000 SGD orchid series, want to cash

Nugroho Saroso said...
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