Saturday, December 13, 2008

Currency of Southeast Asia

Every Southeast Asian country has its own currency. The exchange rate for its currency is different from one to another. However, Brunei and Singapore are exception because their currencies are pegged under the Currency Interchangeability Agreement between both countries.

Indonesia and Vietnam are the two countries which have the highest denominations on its banknote face value. On the other hand, Brunei and Singapore have the best exchange rate against US Dollars compare to the rest of Southeast Asian currency. Let's have a brief understanding on each country currency.

Map of Southeast Asia

The currency of Brunei is Brunei Dollar and denoted by BND or dollar sign $. One Brunei dollar is divided into 100 Cent. Brunei Dollar also known as Ringgit and Sen in Malay.

The currency of Cambodia is Riel and denoted by KHR. One Riel is subdivided into 10 Kak or 100 Cent.

The currency of Indonesia is Rupiah and denoted by IDR or Rp. One Rupiah is subdivided into 100 Sen.

The currency of Laos is Kip and denoted by LAK or with sign of ₭ or ₭N. One Kip is subdivided into 100 Att.

The currency of Malaysia is Ringgit and denoted by MYR or RM. One Ringgit is subdivided in 100 Sen.

Myanmar (Burma)
The currency of Myanmar is Kyat and denoted by MMK or often known as K. One Kyat is subdivided into 100 Pya.

The currency of Philippines is Peso and denoted by PHP. One Peso is subdivided into 100 Centavos or Sentimo in the language of Spanish or Filipino.

The currency of Singapore is Singapore Dollar and denoted by SGD or with dollar sign $ or S$. One Dollar is subdivided into 100 Cent.

The currency of Thailand is Baht and denoted by THB or depict in sign of ฿. One Baht is subdivided into 100 Satang.

The currency of Vietnam is Dong and denoted by VND. One Dong is subdivided into 10 hào.

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