Saturday, December 13, 2008

Asia Banknote - Water Buffalo Ploughing the Paddy Field

Half century ago, most of the Southeast Asia countries were very much depending on the agriculture activities such as growing rice, fishing, hunting etc to develop their country economy. Among all the agriculture activities, growing rice in the paddy field was considered as one of the most significant activities to Asian countries. This is simply because rice is the main food or staple food for most Asian.

Water buffalo is used to plough the paddy filed

Traditionally, farmers used the conventional technique to run the paddy field. Water buffalo was commonly used to help to plough the muddy paddy field because of its nature habitat that adapted so much to the wetland condition.

Therefore, we can see many of the earlier Southeast Asian banknotes depict this important agriculture activity. Indeed, this is a milestone to many developing Asian countries before advancing themselves with the modern technology. Even though nowadays the water buffalo is not common to be used to plough the paddy field, but occasionally it still can be seen in certain rural areas across Asian countries.

Most of these banknotes that depicted this agriculture activity were issued in 1950-an to early 1970-an. Malaya & British Borneo, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia are among the Southeast Asian countries that used this significant activity as part of their banknote theme.

Malaya & British Borneo Banknote issued in 1961

Cambodian banknote issued in 1956

Laos banknote issued in 1957

Burma banknote issued in 1958

Vietnam banknote issued with 1972

Indonesia banknote issued in 1975

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