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Indonesia - Rp100,000 Polymer Note

Rp100,000 Polymer Banknote issued by Bank of Indonesia

This is second polymer banknote issued by Bank of Indonesia in 1999. It was printed and issued in anticipation of a sudden increase of cash demand resulted from the worried by computer Millennium Bug in year 2000. A total of Rp50 trillion value of Rp100,000 banknotes were printed as one of key measurements in the event that the computer system crashed.

The front features the portrait of Indonesia founding President Soekarno on the left and Vice-President Mohammad Hatta on the right. The Indonesia's 1945 Independence proclamation was printed in the middle of the note. The back features the House of Representative building of Indonesia.

A statement from Bank of Indonesia on the issuance of Rp100,000 Polymer Note

No. 1/101/BGub/Humas

Press Release
Bank Indonesia issues plastic money Rp. 100.000,-

Bank Indonesia will issue money in Rp 100.000 denomination on November 1, 1999 as an official payment instrument. "The money will be made of polymer substrate (plastic) that lasts longer and is more difficult to be counterfeited than paper," quoted from Bank Indonesia Governor Syahril Sabirin today in Jakarta. To avoid money frauds, the money is completed with anti counterfeiting visible and touchable element to enable the public being familiar with originality of the money.

The Governor explains that the issuance of new emission money is to ease and to accelerate cash transactions. The main picture in front of the money will be Dr. Ir. Soekarno and Dr. H. Mohammad Hatta, while on the other side will be the House of Representatives building, aimed at promoting our appreciation to both and the supreme institution for their democratic value.

The issuance is announced in the State Gazette of 1999 No. 206, while banks, post offices and other public related offices all over Indonesia will receive posters of the money as an announcement of the issuance in their offices and other public areas. It is also available at Bank Indonesia web site.

Jakarta, 27 October 1999


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