Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cambodia - Khmer Republic Series (1970 to 1975) Banknote

Personally I feel that Cambodian banknote is of the Asian banknotes that truly represents Asian culture. Take a closer look at these Cambodian notes, you will find that the note designs are unique. They are printed in large sizes with colourful design and carried a theme of Cambodian culture and history. After all they are inexpensive for collectors to add into their album.

This series of the Cambodian banknotes were issued under the Khmer Republic from the Year 1972 to 1975. Four notes were issued with the denominations of 100 Riel, 500 Riel, 1000 Riel and 5000 Riel. Riel is an official currency of Cambodia. One Riel is subdivided into 100 Sen.

100 Riel

500 Riel

1000 Riel

5000 Riel

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