Thursday, October 16, 2008

$50 Commemorative Polymer Note of Singapore

$50 Commemorative polymer note issued on 9 August 1990

$50 Commemorative polymer note issued in 1990 without date printed on the note

These $50 Commemorative polymer notes were issued by Monetary Authority of Singapore in 1990 to commemorate the nation's 25th Anniversary of Independence. Both of these notes look identical except one has printed the date of issuance i.e. 9 August 1990 in the middle of the note. Only 300,000 of the above notes were printed with issuance date and they carry the "A" prefix. The other $50 circulation notes are with prefix of "B" to "J" and have a total of 4,870,000 circulation notes.

The front illustrates Singapore's development. On the left is a painting image features the harbour and waterfront. On the right is the container terminal flanked by the lofty buildings of the financial district.

The back highlights the multi racial character of Singapore. On the right is a mixed group of jubilant Singaporean, with the state flag and Singapore Arms behind them. On the left is shown the sitting of the first Parliament.

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