Thursday, October 23, 2008

Japanese Invasion Banknotes of Philippines

There are three types of Japanese Occupation Banknotes issued by the Japanese during the occupation in Philippines since 1942. The first series consists of seven notes and they are issued in the denomination of 1 Centavo, 5 Centavos, 10 Centavos, 50 Centavos, 1 Peso, 5 Pesos and 10 Pesos. All these notes bear a block letter of P that represents the Philippines.

The First Series of Philippines' Japanese Invasion Banknotes
1 Centavo

5 Centavos

10 Centavos

50 Centavos

1 Peso

5 Pesos

10 Pesos

The second series of Philippines' Japaneses Occupation Banknotes has has total of 4 notes. They are in denomination of 1 Peso, 5 Pesos, 10 Pesos and 100 Pesos only. This series of note has depicted the Rizal monument vignette on the obverse of the notes. Rizal monument was a tribute to the Philippine's national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Some of these notes were introduced with the serial numbers and others were printed just with two letter blocks i.e. PA, PB etc.

The Second Series of Philippines' Japanese Occupation Banknotes
1 Peso

5 Peso
10 Peso

The third series of this Japanese Invasion Notes were printed with higher denomination resulted from the severe inflation. These notes were released in 100 Pesos, 500 Pesos and 1000 Pesos. The 1000 Pesos note was printed in smaller size than others and low quality paper was used.

The Third Series of Philippines' Japanese Occupation Banknotes
100 Pesos

500 Pesos

1000 Pesos

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