Thursday, October 23, 2008

EZ-Link Cards With Orchid Series Banknotes

Ez-Link is so common used by most of the Singaporean for their daily trips on MRT, LRT or buses. Middle of last year, the Singapore Mint launched its first ever limited edition of Orchid Series Currency Notes Ez-Link cards. The splendour of the nine different orchid hybrids in the first series currency notes is beautifully captured in this set of specially created ez-link cards.

The Orchid Series Currency Notes is the first series of banknotes issued for circulation between 1967 and 1976 in Singapore. It is synonymous with Singapore’s formative years and the prominent orchid motif on the notes is a most apt reminder of our efforts in promoting ourselves as a “Garden City”.

The Orchid Currency souvenirs were first launched in the form of CashCards to overwhelming response in 1998. The series was sold out barely a few months after the first set of CashCards was launched. To date, these CashCards are still highly sought after by collectors. To commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the launch of the Orchid Series Currency CashCards, The Singapore Mint has produced a set of Orchid Series Currency Notes ez-link Cards.

Meticulously replicating the elegance and beauty of the orchids depicted on the notes, the ez-link cards would definitely help to educate the younger generation about an era in our history that they have little or no knowledge about. Both young and old can now own something relating to our currency legacy.

For more information, please visit the Singapore Mint.

A complete set of Orchid Series Banknotes of Ez-Link cards

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