Friday, September 19, 2008

Singapore - $2 Millennium 2000 Note

Can you differential these two notes? Yes, the bottom $2 note was printed in red squarish symbol. Why has it different from the other circulated $2 note? Indeed, This special note was issued by Board of Commissioners of Currency Singapore (BCCS) or later known as Monetary of Authority Singapore (MAS) on 8 December 1999 as part of the Millennium celebration programme. The red squarish symbol was actually the special logo created to commemorate the Millennium year 2000 and to replace the traditional prefix of the serial number. These notes were printed in 5,000,000 pieces to circulate in the market.

The Millennium logo printed on the $2 note

The Fourth series of Singapore banknote is known as portrait series whereby it uses the portrait of Encik Yusof Bin Ishak, the first president of Singapore. This Fourth series of note was issued by BCCS on 9 September 1999 in the denomination of $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1,000 and $10,000.

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