Sunday, August 31, 2008

Singapore Banknotes - Ship Series (3rd Series)

The third series of Singapore banknotes use the maritime vessels or ships as the theme design. This series of banknotes were introduced from 1984 to 1999 with all together nine denominations i.e. $1, $2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $500, $1000 and $10000. The front of each denomination features the vessels that have plied the waters of Singapore over the centuries. They progressively show the development of Singapore's maritime heritage through various kind of vessels. In fact, the maritime vessels theme is to mark Singapore shipping development from an entrepot trading center to one of the busiest ports in the world.


This $1 note was first introduced on 12 January 1987. The FRONT features a "San Chuan" or trading ship in the center and the Singapore Arms at the top left corner. The fish located at bottom right is Cyprinus carpio or Chinese carp. The BACK features the Satellite Earth Station located at Sentosa Island.


This $2 note was introduced on 28 January 1991 in red color as the background. It was soon replaced by the purple color as shown below. This was the first $2 note that introduced by Singapore government. However, due to its similarity in color with the $10 note it has created confusion among the Singaporean. It was later replaced with purple color to avoid confusion. The FRONT features a ship named "Tongkang" and a rising sun to the right of main design. The BACK features different ethnic groups participating in Chingay procession.

The revised $2 was introduced 16 December 1991 to replace the red color $2 note. All designs and features remain unchanged.


This $5 note was introduced on 21 August 1989. The FRONT features the "Twakow" ship and a Chinese lion with a ball in the center panel. A type of fish called Commerson's Anchovy or Stolephorus commersonii is depict on the bottom right corner. The BACK features the view of the PSA Container Terminal.


This $10 note was introduced on 1 March 1988. The FRONT features the barter trading vessel called "Palari" and a phoenix was located at the center panel. Round Scad or Decapterus Macrosoma type of fish also shown in the bottom right corner. The BACK features the view of public housing generally developed in Singapore.


The $50 was introduced 9 March 1987. The FRONT features a Coaster vessel named "Perak" r silver and a pair of Mandarin ducks are displayed in the center panel. The bottom right corner shows the fish of Six-banded grouper or Epinephelus Sexfasciatus (Valenciennes). The BACK features the bird's-eye view of Benjamin Sheares Bridge located in Singapore.

This $100 note was introduced on 1 August 1985. The FRONT features a Passenger liner "Chusan" and a Chinese crane in the center panel. A fish type of Slender shad or Ilisha elongata is displayed in the bottom right corner. The BACK features the bird's-eye view of Singapore Changi Airport.

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